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The Culinary Team

Gus Savarese, Executive Chef

City Kitchen Executive Chef Gus Savarese’s passion for the culinary arts started in one of the greatest food cities in the USA- New Orleans, LA. 

Chef Gus spent his formative cooking years in New Orleans stirring, chopping, spooning, basting and, in general, creating countless delicious meals. With this valuable and diverse experience, eventually he worked his way up to the coveted position of Chef de Partie at the famous restaurant landmark, Commander’s Palace.

With his move to Dallas, Gus diversified and gained more depth to his culinary knowledge by working for selected large and well-established catering, hotel, and food contractors, including Reata, Omni Hotel, Whole Foods Market, Aramark, and Central Market. 

Gus joins our well-established culinary team here at City Kitchen. With many years of combined experience, together they all form a strong team that supports our commitment to our valued clients.

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